President Obama Meets with Miss Israel Yityish Aynaw

Yityish Aynaw is the first black woman ever to become Miss Israel.  The Ethiopian-born 21-year-old moved to Israel in March 2003 at age 12 following the death of her mother, who had become suddenly ill…her father died when she was just a small child.  Yityish didn’t speak a word of Hebrew, but she became fluent in it at her Jewish boarding school in Haifa

Aynaw had this to say about our President during an interview with BBC:

“I was influenced and inspired by Obama. Like him, I was also raised by my grandmother. Nothing was handed to me on a plate, and like him I also had to work very hard and long to achieve things in my life. To this day he inspires me just as he inspires the rest of the world.”


picture of president obama and yityish aynaw




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