Black History Month: Meet Dorothy Counts

Dorothy Counts was one of 4 black students selected to integrate all white schools in Charlotte, North Carolina. On September 4, 1957, Dot as the then 15 year-old was known to her friends and family thought it would just another school. She had no idea of the hostile crowds that awaited her. She was mocked, harassed, bullied and spat upon, in other words terrorized as those students did not want her there. Amazing that Emma Warlick, wife of the White Citizen’s Council President John Z. Warlick walked with the crowd ordering the boys to keep her out and the girls to spit on her. Dot’s parents feared so much for her safety that they pulled her out after just 4 days of attending. Dot’s parents sent her to Philadelphia were the schools were already integrated.

All though the Little Rock Nine desegregated Central High School in Arkansas during the same month and year, it is said that Dorothy Counts was among the first to desegregate southern schools.


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