Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers of the Barack Loves Michelle community!

Of course happy Father’s Day to President Obama as well! I wanted to take a moment to highlight the President’s relationship with his daughters! These young ladies have grown up right before our eyes and have lived their lives under the political spotlight for the better part of 10 years. They are part of an exclusive club, children of Presidents and while some may consider their life a “charmed” one – they undoubtedly face scrutiny, trials and sacrifices that most of us will never come to go.

Malia Ann is the eldest of the Obama daughters, her interest includes soccer, dance and drama. Her sister, Sasha’s interest include gymnastics and tap. Both girls also take up piano and tennis. Sasha’s real name is actually Natasha, with Sasha simply being her nickname.



obama sasha

sasha 10

sasha malia

sasha 13

sasha 8


malia 13

malia 11

malia sasha throwback

Senate Hopeful Barack Obama Waits For Election Results

baby malia

malia 10

malia throwback


michelle obama classic bun



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