Michelle Obama’s Final Vogue Cover as FLOTUS

Michelle Obama has revealed that she is ready to leave the White House and continue her life in public service as she stars in a stunning new spread for Vogue. 

The 52-year-old First Lady is the epitome of elegance in a white Carolina Herrera dress on the cover of the magazine’s December issue. When Mrs. Obama spoke with the publication in September, months before she learned Donald Trump would be her husband’s successor, she said she believes ‘it’s time’ for her and President Barack Obama to move on. 


‘I think our democracy has it exactly right: two terms, eight years. It’s enough,’ she said. ‘Because it’s important to have one foot in reality when you have access to this kind of power. The nature of living in the White House is isolating.’

Although Mrs. Obama said she and her husband have been able to maintain ‘some normalcy’ because of the age of their daughters Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15, they still aren’t able to run everyday errands like walking into CVS.


‘When you’re not engaged in the day-to-day struggles that everybody feels, you slowly start losing touch,’ she admitted. ‘And I think it’s important for the people in the White House to have a finger on the pulse.’ 


As for what will happen in January when she and the President leave the White House for good, Mrs. Obama said she won’t know until she gets there. However, she insisted she will always be engaged in public service and public life in some way.   


‘I’ve always felt very alive using my gifts and talents to help other people. I sleep better at night. I’m happier,’ she said. ‘So we’ll look at the issues that I’ve been working on. The question is: How do I engage in those issues from a new platform?’ [ via Daily Mail ]



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