For the First Couple – A Whole Family is their First Priority

The April 2013 Vogue interview with the First Lady is among my favorite interviews that she has done. She spoke very openly and candidly about her life and her relationship. One quote in particular really resonated with me:

“Our job is, first and foremost, to make sure our family is whole.You know, we have small kids; they’re growing every day. But I think we were both pretty straightforward when we said, ‘Our number-one priority is making sure that our family is whole.’ “


marriage priority

The importance of a solid and ‘whole’ family cannot be stressed enough. It is paramount to success, especially in minority communities. This is not to say that children from single parents home cannot be equally “successful”, the President is a prime example of that. But even he stresses the need for intact families, healthy relationships and involved parents.


(via Vogue interview with Obama on Ebony Love and Marriage )



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