If the President Can Make Time for a Date Night – So Can You!

The President and First Lady have always been upfront about the challenges that come along with nurturing their marriage while being in the spotlight. When you’re the leader of the free world, it isn’t easy to be spontaneous and adventerous with your spouse but for the President and First Lady – regular date nights are of the utmost importance.

While campaigning several years ago, Michelle spoke with Roland Martin and TV One – here’s just a little of what she said (you can also watch the video below)

That’s the reminder that this family isn’t just two folks raising kids, but two people buildiing a life together. What we’ve found interesting is that our girls like it, our oldest tells us that it ” feels go to see you and dad hold hands.”  They like the fact that they know we love each other, that gives them security. You think that as long as we’re taking care of the kids, then the kids are ok. Well the kids want you to have a life together they want to know that [my] mother and father love each other and if they love each other that much they are going to love me.



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