Inside the White House: The Green Room

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The Green Room is the second of three state parlors in the White House. It is most commonly used for formal teas and small receptions. The room measures about 28 feet by 22 ½ feet, and like The Blue Room , it also has six doors. Traditionally, this room has always been decorated in various shades of green.  It has undergone many different remodels during the course of its lifespan, but the most recent renovation was made in 2007 by then First Lady Laura Bush. The new design retained a lot of element designs that were introduced during the Nixon era, but there were several changes made.

The walls are now decorated with a dark green watered silk that features a large scale moire pattern. The original coral color of the chairs’ upholstery was darkened to make it more intense and vibrant, and the drapes also received a new makeover, with a new color that is similar to vermilion  The drapes were used to recreate Edward Vason Jones’ design of the 1970’s, but it now shows a more intense color and the painted cornice. Four large tassels were removed from the drapery, but Mrs. Bush chose to keep the bobble fringe of the Nixon era design.

obama-family-in the green room

The original Turkish carpet of The Green Room was replaced with a new rug that is woven in the style of a French Savonniere. It is similar to the Savonniere that is used in the Red Room. As a part of the most recent remodel, a new painting was added to the Green Room. This painting is The Builders, which was painted by Jacob Lawrence. This painting is one of just two by an African American artist that hangs in the White House.

Currently, the Green Room furnishings follow the style of the Federal period, and many of the pieces in the room were manufactured by the famous New York maker, Duncan Phyfe. The shades of green that are found throughout the room are complemented by gold accents, which can be seen in the mirrors that frame either side of The Builders. Fine works of silver can also be seen throughout the Green Room, including the famous Sheffield coffee urn. This urn is engraved with the letters “JAA”, which stands for John and Abigail Adams.

white house green room obama

Not all of the shades of green that have been used in the Green Room in the past have pleased everyone, but the current style of the Green Room was decorated with advisement from the Committee for the Preservation of the White House, and it has won rave reviews.



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