Marian Robinson – the “First Grandma”

It’s time to show some love to the woman “behind the scenes” so to speak – Mrs Marian Robinson. Grandmothers are often the cornerstones of many families, holding things together and providing a sense of peace, stability and normalcy for our hectic lives. I know my own grandmother has been this in our lives. Mrs Robinson’s sole reason for remaining in Washington is to help keep her granddaughters’ lives as semi-normal as possible. The President and First Lady didn’t want Sasha & Malia to be taken to school only by Secret Service agents, and since the first couple could not escort them in their motorcades without disrupting traffic Grandma helps out. So, Mrs Marian shuttles them to school every day. A friend of the Obama family has said of Mrs Robinson: ““She’s a presence in a very quiet, understated way,” the friend said. “The first lady wouldn’t be as comfortable as she is traveling around the country and the world if her mom wasn’t there to pitch in.”

The First Lady has gotten emotional when speaking of her mother, in particular when introducing her during a White House Mothers Day reception: “Raising our girls in the White House with my mom,” she began, as she looked at her mother and her eyes welled with tears, “is a beautiful experience. And the opportunity to have three generations living in the White House, it’s beautiful.”

Mrs Robinson is 76 years old and loves yoga. According to a 2009 interview with People, she also admits that she is not nearly as strict as the First Lady is. Like most Grandma’s – when the girls are at her house, the rules are different.


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