Just in Time for the Holidays – Where to Find the Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Doll

You may have stopped playing with dolls a long time ago but this collectors item is not your ordinary doll. At first glance, the doll appears to be a still shot of First Lady Michelle Obama on the night of the 2013 Inauguration – but it is actually a replica. Per the website “Our skilled artisans have replicated Michelle Obama’s attire down to the very last detail…the result is an elegant porcelain sculpture that radiates with the First Lady’s uncommon strength and beauty”

Now, there are two versions of this doll available:

Danbury Mint: The doll pictured in the photo below is from the Danbury Mint and priced at just $149. This doll is porcelain and stands at roughly 16 inches tall. With it being porcelain, there are no moveable parts. Also note that the fine print on the Danbury Mint doll reads that the image shown is the artists rendering and the actual doll may vary. The doll is in stock now and will be shipped just in time for Christmas – click the link to view details:


Danbury Mint Michelle Obama Doll



The Bradford Exchange: There’s also another version of this look from the Ashton Drake Galleries. I wasn’t able to find a clear picture – but the doll stands at roughly 14 inches, is made from resin and has  poseable head and legs. The Ashton Drake doll is just $129, likely because it is made from resin as oppose to porcelain like the Danbury Mint doll. Click the link to view details:


Ashton Drake Michelle Obama Doll



Disclaimer: I haven’t purchased either doll and cannot vouch for what they look like in person. Both Danbury Mint and Bradford Exchange have relatively good reputations amongst doll collectors – but do your research. I think either item would make a nice gift for an admirer of our nation’s First Lady

michelle obama inaugural ball doll



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