My Favorite Obama Gifs from

Sometimes it takes a gif (animated picture) to truly capture the moment! Here are some of my favorite Obama moments turned gifs!

1. That time when President Obama was like this:
dirt off your shoulder

2. First Lady Michelle Obama dancing and having fun with the cast of Nickelodeon’s iCarly
michelle obama dancing icarly

3. Sesame Street comes to the White House!
michelle obama sesame street

4. President Obama & Jimmy Fallon slow jamming the news

slow jam the news

slow jamming the news

5. President Obama reading Where the Wild Things Are

obama where the wild things are

6. That time when President Obama gave Dwayne Wade a little “presidential” dap!

obama dwayne wade

7. Malia photobombs Sasha’s picture

sasha malia obama gif

8. I’m not sure what’s happening here – but it sure does look funny!

obama gifs

9. Presidential 3s!

obama shoots 3s

10. When First Lady was about to hit her dougie lol

michelle obama gif

11. That time when Magic Johnson was at the White House

president obama magic johnson



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