The Best of: President Obama & VP Biden Through the Years

President Obama and Vice President Biden are my favorite POTUS/VPOTUS combination ever. Their styles are perfect compliments to one another and individually – they come off as relate-able to even the younger generations. Not only that, but it is obvious that they have a tremendous amount of respect for one another. VP Biden speaks very highly of President Obama and in a 2011 interview – he had this to say of choosing to run with President in 2008: [It was] ““the best decision I’ve made.”

The President and Vice President (along with their families) also have a very close personal relationship as well. During the 2008 democratic primaries, it was noted that there weren’t very many differences between the pair and Biden sees that as a plus, stating:

‘You know, what’s made this job so easy for me? Of all the candidates running for president when we were debating one another, the only two that didn’t have one single philosophic difference are you and I.'” “And it’s literally true. If you go back and look at every disagreement all the candidates had, the only one — ours were slight, nuanced differences. But we were philosophically on the same page in everything, which also makes it easier and makes it easier,” (via   )

Although he is known to drop the occasional F bomb or two, President Obama believes that the Vice President is the best this nation has ever had. (Of course we tend to agree)


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