South Africa Celebrates the Life of Madiba

The memorial for South Africa’s anti-apartheid icon, Nelson Mandela has begun. More than 70 foreign dignitiaries and over 70,000 mourners are estimated to be in attendance. A giant arena is being built in view of Nelson Mandela’s home to stage the biggest funeral in South Africa’s history for him. In addition to President’s Obama, Bush 43, Clinton and Carter; Raul Castro, Prince Charles, Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister David Cameron are all there to pay tribute. President Obama was welcomed by a roar of cheers from the crowed during his speech.

nelson mandelas memorial program


mandela funeral program


nelson mandela funeral stadium

The stadium where Nelson Mandela’s funeral will be held on Sunday. His body will lie in state for the next 3 days and then he will be buried in his small home town of Qunu.

madiba tribute



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