first family tree lighting

2013 National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

The tree lighting has been an annual White House tradition since 1923, during Calvin Coolidge’s administration. This was the 91st time the ceremony was held, and the fifth time it was hosted by the Obama family.  This year’s host is Glee star, Jane Lynch and featured performances by Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey. The First Lady read […]

president obama ebony covers collectible

2013 Obama-Themed Holiday Gift Guide: President Obama Ebony Magazine Cover Collection

I’m a collector of magazines that featured President Obama and/or First Lady Michelle Obama on their covers. Even before his election, I knew that he would be the one to make history and I wanted to capture it in some way with the intention of being able to share those moments with my children and […]

Trip Down Memory Lane: White House Christmas 2011

President Calvin Coolidge was the first chief executive to preside over a public celebration of the Christmas holidays with the lighting of the National Christmas Tree in 1923. Today, the Christmas Pageant of Peace, a major event held annually on the Ellipse since 1954, includes the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. This celebration respects […]

Trip Down Memory Lane: White House Christmas 2010

The White House at Christmas traditionally has been a magical place for children. From the earliest times memorable parties have been held for the president’s children or grandchildren. One of the most elaborate was President Andrew Jackson’s “frolic” for the children of his household in 1834. This party included games, dancing, a grand dinner, and […]

Trip Down Memory Lane: Whitehouse Christmas 2009

The White House observance of Christmas before the twentieth century was not an official event. First families decorated the house modestly with greens and privately celebrated the Yuletide with family and friends. The first White House Christmas tree, decorated with candles and toys, was placed in the second floor oval room, then used as a […]

The Obama Ladies Welcome the White House Christmas Tree

First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia, Sasha, Bo and Sunny arrive to receive the White House Christmas tree. The tree is 18.5 feet tall and is set to be on display in the Blue Room. It was presented by Christopher Botek and Kyra Yurko of the Christmas Spring Tree Farm in Leighton, Pennsylvania and John and […]

The First Family Reads From their Favorite Books at the Easter Egg Roll

Kids in attendance at the Easter Egg roll were treated to a series of book-readings from the First Family. The book reading is a tradition of the Easter event. The members of the First Family all read from their favorites children stories. The President read: >> Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom << The First Lady read: >> Cloudy With […]

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