The Best Of: The Obama’s Most Adorable Moments with Babies

Politicians photographed with babies have become a bit of a cliche – but when it comes to President Obama and First Lady Michelle, they seem to have a way with kids. Although they aren’t old enough to vote and most don’t even realize who he is, kids seem to be just as drawn to the Commander-in-Chief as some adults are!  As we round up 2013, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of the President and First Lady with some of their youngest constituents.

Can we say PRECIOUS! When they say a picture is worth a thousand words….

obama kids 6

President Obama has said that this is one of his favorite moments. The young man noted that Prez’s hair was similar to his own and asked if he could touch it 🙂

obama boy hair

Another of my favorite images – 5 year Donovan Frazier of Pennsylvania had a bit of a melt-down after he didn’t win the contest. Apparently his egg rolled over the line. President Obama took the time to console the young man…Donovan may not think so now, but he was the biggest winner! lol


Here are a few others. Enjoy!

obama kids9

obama with kids

obama kids 2

obama kids 3

obama kids 4

obama with kids 5

obama kids 7



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